For the past six years, I’ve been researching the issues of sexual energy transformation, the rise of energy in intimate moments, and the application of the energy of contact between a man and a woman for the benefit of development and self-knowledge.

During this time, I shovelled a mountain of various literature and went through a large number of practises in many schools, but not all of them were applicable in our time’s conditions, and even fewer of them had meaningful effects in my life.

There are, however, publications that explain the subtleties, mysteries, and specific exercises that you should strongly encourage to anyone interested in transforming their sexuality into the spiritual fire of love and bliss of true Unity with a Partner.

These books are a gateway to a new perspective on relationships, in which sexual energy connects with the heart, transforming into the experience of oneness with a partner and, through him, with the entire world; in which our interactions take on a new quality and deeper meanings, moving toward continuous paired meditation and co-creation; and in which our mind, heart, and bodily experiences are not only friends but also foes.

“Eros, Consciousness, and Kundalini” by Stuart Sovatsky is a book that includes not only theory and many real-life examples, but also an entire section of comprehensive practises for home partner lessons. A guide to tantric celibacy and spiritual closeness for developing desire.

The cult book “Enlightened Sex” by David Deida is based on Taoist ideas and put in plain language. Individual and group examples of work with the body, breath, and mind are provided.

Deida, David “The Way of a Real Man” – no comment, 100 pages of tantra for males! The route of a true tantrika man is explained accurately, beautifully, and logically, with a solid grasp of the processes that occur with a woman during the month and her reactions to relationships and sexuality. The simple realisation that there are men who move through life with such Love – for the Woman and the World – causes the mind to freeze.

Ravi Singh, a student of Yogi Bhajan, shares his experience of working with sexual energy in “The Art of Transcendental Sex,” which includes Kundalini yoga exercises, pair meditation, working with energy through yoga and massage, and a large section on sex points on the body and positions during the union.

The Heart of Tantric Sex by Diana Richardson is not available for free download on the internet, but I strongly advise you to look for this edition in bookstores (publishing house “Sofia”) – if only because it is the only worthwhile book on tantric sex written by a woman: it contains both female and male tantric exercises, as well as paired tantric exercises. A totally feminine vision of Tantra is given with cordiality, kindness, and emotionality; many pages are devoted to actual practise with sensing your body, breathing, and the subtlest attunement with a Partner.