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Allows you to rediscover the other

One of the benefits of tantric massages and the improvement of the relationship with his / her partner. Tantra promotes acceptance of the body, without judgment and without basing itself on common criteria of beauty. By rediscovering his / her partner’s body without judgment, desire is renewed and the mechanical aspect of routine relationships can be lifted.

Tantra massage is therefore a powerful tool for renewing one’s outlook on one’s relationship but also for integrating new moments of sharing and awakening.

Increases orgasmic potential

Since tantra is used to stimulate a person’s sexual energy and circulate it throughout the body, not just the sexual organs, tantric massage can cause intense states of pleasure and orgasm.

Sex then becomes deep spiritual experiences where orgasm can be prolonged over a longer period of time.

Remedy for erectile dysfunction

Always in this logic of circulation of energy and of rediscovering one’s body and that of his / her partner without judgment, tantric massage makes it possible to remove certain psychological blockages at the origin of sexual disorders.

Erection problems, premature ejaculation, loss of desire, the exploration of his body, and the awakening of sexual energy allows, according to this current of thought, to cure certain disorders and to modify his sexuality.

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