There are numerous ways to form a connection with another individual. Tantric massage, on the other hand, is a complex technique since it is spiritual and energetic rather than mechanical. This is representative of a growing trend in Neo Tantra doctrine.

The Characteristics Of Tantric Massage

This phenomenon is difficult to describe.

Learn about its characteristics to gain a better understanding of what it is:

This is a pair practise with conditionally equal partners. One is passive, a “patient,” while the other is active, a “masseur.”

The word “meditation” is the best way to describe the action. However, because this experience is shared by two individuals, it is more active than traditional meditation.

The intimacy and oneness of people is an important feature of tantric massage. The goal is to attain oneness in a shared whole, to bring the Masculine and Feminine principles of the cosmos together.

What Is The Purpose Of Tantric Massage?

According to experts, this technique helps to maintain youthfulness by saving energy and replenishing the body with vitality. It can provide a couple of fresh, never-before-seen feelings, as well as a healing influence on both the body and the human soul.

Tantra also comes to the rescue when you need to divert your mind to something else in order to distract yourself from the issues of reality. The client feels lighter and more at ease after the session.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Tantric Massage At Home?

Specialists at massage parlours can conduct this method. They’ve been trained and know a step-by-step process for overcoming negative thinking and obtaining inner peace. Receiving such a surgery from the hands of a loved one, on the other hand, is far more pleasant.

Tantric Massage Uses

When it comes to tantra, it is impossible to say that there is a defined sequence of acts, a technique, or a textbook that has been described by someone. This activity should be motivated by shared emotions, affection, and trust. These are the most important aspects of the technique.

For the first session, we choose the oil

The application of aromatic oil will begin each time. It increases gliding and turns the leather velvety. Olive, almond, soybean, corn, and grape seed oils are examples of base oils.

Tantric massage has its own set of guidelines

The technique should not be disrupted by noise. Silence and harmony must be established.

Remove all of your clothing from your body. Both partners should be entirely honest with each other. As a result, it is critical to modify the temperature so that you do not freeze. Cover the areas of the body that have previously had the surgery with a light fabric, ideally natural and breathable.

The method is approached in a completely unique way. If you won’t be able to gratify your spouse at the end of a long working day, reschedule the session for another, more free day.

Keep an eye on your partner’s emotions. It’s critical to document every emotion, especially if something is upsetting. Study the body of a loved one by moving gently from one part of the body to the next. Use a variety of touches to see which one he or she prefers.

In the room, there should be utter silence. Energy is transferred in all forms of communication. This technique should not include the use of words.

It’s crucial to utilise natural oils after checking for sensitivities with your partner. Drop a couple of drops on the bend of the elbow for a few days “before,” and if discomfort does not emerge within 48 hours, begin the massage. If the allergy persists, you can use infant hypoallergenic oil, which is entirely safe to use.

It is preferable to begin with the back and work your way down to the limbs, chest, and face. The “masseur” should be on the “patient’s” side of the head, manipulating from top to bottom.

There should be no light, and at most, candles can be used. Follow the fire safety guidelines and keep them away from the fire.

Show your affection, don’t be afraid to express your emotions, and be honest with your relationship.