Tantra is an ancient Indian religious tradition centred on Goddess worship and divine feminine divinity. Tantra, an ancient matriarchal tradition, differs from modern faiths in that it embraces all elements of oneself. Tantra’s notion of sexual energy as a strong, holy, and healing force that we may harness to better our lives has made it famous in the west. Tantra isn’t just about sex, though. It’s a spiritual discipline that allows us to achieve oneness with the divine in all of our endeavours. Here’s a rundown of some of the top tantra books to get you started on your tantra path!

Tantra In The City

The reader is taken on an easy-to-follow trip into the world of tantric sexuality in Urban Tantra. Learn how to relax into expanded orgasmic states and experience tantric orgasms to become one with the Universe. The book includes dozens of solo and couple exercises that will transport you into the unknown and make you dizzy with delight.

Reflexology For The Sexual Organs

There are many books about tantric sex available, but this one stands out above the rest. It’s a classic of Oriental Sexology that translates ancient Oriental Sexual Techniques into a format that’s understandable to a modern audience. Mantak Chia is a genius when it comes to educating Westerners how to apply traditional Sexual Techniques to improve their daily lives, despite his meek and unassuming demeanour.

Tantra Enlightened

This book takes you on a journey through Traditional Tantra’s core teachings, fundamental lineage, history, and transforming practises. Tantra stands in stark contrast to western religions, which exalt the man over the female and denigrate sexuality. Perhaps this is why, some 100 years ago, Tantra began to pique the curiosity of the Western world. Today’s Tantra knowledge is riddled with misunderstandings and suppositions.

Women’s Tao Tantric Arts

Minke de Vos instructs women all over the world in Tantra and Taoist Arts. To help you understand your feminine energy, this book combines theory with a variety of exercises and practises. From puberty and adolescence to womanhood, childbearing, and menopause, the book covers all periods of life. The book is based on the Yellow Emperor’s Taoist Traditions and the three female counsellors who taught him everything he knows about sexual energy and practise.

Shaivism Is A Hindu Religion That Originated In Kashmir.

It’s a state of consciousness that allows everything to be in touch with the divine. Kashmir Shaivism embraces the world as it is, with all its pleasures and pains, beauty and ugliness, and views it as a creative expression rather than an illusion. The entire universe is a happy manifestation of consciousness. Every instant of life has the potential to bring you into contact with the creator.

Tantra Kundalini

This Tantra Yoga classic provides thorough guidance on how to comprehend and awaken your chakras using easy yogic methods. It describes in detail the energy awakening process that can lead to full Kundalini energy activation through yoga practise. Yoga can help you open your chakras and awaken your kundalini energy, which is Tantra’s holy grail.

Feeling Vs. Emotion In Tantric Love

We frequently consider love to be a feeling, but Diana Richardson demonstrates that it is not. Love is in our nature, and it is an “overflowing of delight,” as Osho puts it. It’s oneness with all that surrounds us. What precisely are emotions, and how can they cause problems in most relationships? Feelings associated with unresolved previous traumas are referred to as emotions. Not only do we draw in closer to a deeper intimacy than we ever could have imagined when we learn to connect emotionally, communicate and heal our emotions together, but we also hold the key to personal healing that helps us to move beyond being controlled by our emotions.