Note: It Is A Treatment, Not Such A Sexual Services. Do Not Contact Your Masseurist During The Relaxation.

Men’s Tantric Therapy is a two-hour session in which we try to cure both the body and the mind. I begin with a relaxed body massage that incorporates several massage methods. I also perform Tantric full-body massage, which uses delicate strokes to assist the body open up energetically.

I release the feelings that have built up beneath the chest and belly during the session. It aids in the passage of sexual energy through the body and is excellent for emotional release. I also utilise the marma massage technique during the massage, which involves acting on numerous sites of junction of energy channels in the body. The Lingam massage is the concluding element of the therapeutic session.

Men benefit from lingam massage because it allows them to express their manhood and sexuality. Men can get better control over their sexual energy and sex drive with the use of Lingam (Sanskrit penis) massage. When a guy approaches climax, we slow down. By repeating this method multiple times during the session, men can dramatically extend the time it takes to orgasm. It also aids in the treatment of premature ejaculation. The erection becomes stronger as blood circulation in the genitals improves. Men can also have a full-body energetic orgasm during the session. Lingam massage is also beneficial for reducing stress and despair.

Tantric massage for men is, first and foremost, a powerful kind of therapy that produces long-term consequences and has a good impact on your daily life.

It is critical that the client is entirely relaxed and focuses solely on himself during Tantric massage, rather than on the therapist, because only then may powerful and deep sensations be experienced.

After the session, clients usually feel exceedingly peaceful and relaxed.

Attending three sessions in a row is recommended for long-term results. You may need to attend more than three sessions at times.

If you have a partner, this is a great opportunity to attend with them and learn the skill of touching while getting a massage.

When getting a massage for the first time, it’s important to remember to schedule a consultation. Depending on your demands, the consultation could last up to an hour. The first massage session lasts 30 minutes to an hour, plus 2.5 to 3 hours for consultation. Please keep this in mind if you require a lengthier consultation. We can converse and get to know each other during the consultation. We’ll be able to go over your requirements in greater depth and see how we can help. We will show you strategies that you can begin practising at home on the first session. We always consider where you are most at ease and try to come up with the finest solutions for you.

Tantric massage does not involve sexual contact; instead, the massage is performed solely with the hands. The purpose of Tantric massage is to avoid ejaculating during the session.

It is not a good idea to eat a lot of food, drink coffee or stimulating drinks, or consume alcohol or tobacco products just before the session.