This is perfect for folks who don’t want a rapid orgasm, but rather appreciate anticipating and enjoying the process attentively.

What Is Tantric Sex, And Why Should You Try It?

The direct meaning of the Sanskrit term “tantra” is “loom,” “fabric,” and “thread on which something is spun.” In a metaphorical sense, we’re referring to a fundamental, limitless energy that pervades and links all living things.

What You Should Keep In Mind

Tantric sex entails basic body and mind training. It’s a good idea to learn how to meditate, conduct breathing exercises, and stretch ahead of time to make it work.

How Do You Get Your Body Ready?

1. Take a breather

It is a good idea to save up sexual energy so that you can have a long sex marathon. The minimal abstinence period is two days.

2. Avoid consuming heavy foods

Eat nothing meaty or fatty on the eve of sex if you want to feel light in your body. Honey, fruits, and nuts are your only sources of nutrition.

3. Make sure you stretch properly.

A set of exercises to stretch made shortly before the date will aid in body control.

How To Deal With Day-to-day Stress

You can do this by yourself or with a companion.

1. Put on some soothing music.

It could be a soothing, peaceful melody. Even better, there are wildlife sounds.

2. Take a moment to meditate

Meditation for 10-15 minutes will help you clear your mind of distracting ideas and focus on the forthcoming pleasure. Imagine energy pouring from your head to the ground through your body.

3. Practice deep breathing exercises.

It’s a good idea to give them 15 minutes before becoming intimate (or better – 30). After all, the ability to breathe appropriately is crucial to tantric sex’s success.

What Is The Best Way To Tune In To A Partner?

1. Make direct eye contact.

And don’t ever let it go. Tantra recommends foreplay as well as sex with eyes wide open.

2. Hugging each other

You can even dress yourself. Tantric sex does not require you to be entirely naked. The most important thing is that you are at ease. Feel the warmth of a loved one’s body and hear his heart pounding.

3. Breathe in a synchronised manner.

Inhale and exhale in unison with your companion. Exhale as the other inhales for a more advanced alternative.

4. Give a Tantric kiss a try.

Exhale as your spouse inhales while you kiss. And the other way around. As a result, you’ll be exchanging breath, which will just add to the energy exchange.

5. Massage each other erotically

It makes no difference how or with what you massage your companion. The most important thing is to avoid missing anything.

When It Comes To Tantric Sex, There Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind.

Learn how to do the yab-yum position.

There are a variety of stances in tantric sex, each with a different level of difficulty. However, you must begin with the classics.


If yab-yum isn’t working for you, switch to a more comfortable position.

Take a deep breath.

During sex, try to keep your breathing under control. It should be silky and silky.

Work with the flow of energy.

Concentrate on moving your bodies in a slow, coordinated manner. Consider how the energy runs from the genitals up the back, through the body, up the crown, and then to the partner.

Arousal management

If you think the climax is approaching, take a break and wait for the intensity to die down a little. So on and so on, until you reach a dazzling and powerful simultaneous orgasm. It’s also fine if you don’t show up. Remember that this is usually the ninth item in tantric sex. Everything was launched in the name of enlightenment, consciousness growth, and soul unification.