Tantra massage is a term used to describe the practices of tantra.

Tantric massage is a technique that promotes well-being, profound relaxation, and aids in the resolution of sexual issues in both individuals and couples. Tantra is a sort of massage that employs sexual energy to massage the Lingam and Joni points while also assisting us in attaining a higher state of consciousness. Allow yourself to enter an environment that has been carefully created for you, based on trust, safety, and understanding. 

Techniques and procedures employed during the massage include the use of hands, forearms, and body components. Tantra massage is done on a customised mat that meets all of the requirements. On a recovery mat, all Tantra massages are performed. The aroma of candles may be felt during the massage, which heightens the feelings and awakens the senses. Tantra is a type of massage that focuses on both the body and the soul. It is distinct from other forms of massage. With each passing moment, you will enter a deeper state of relaxation, accompanied by deep muscle relaxation and emotional relief. Tantra is a technique for efficiently reducing stress, which is very prevalent in today’s world. Tantric massage takes you on a journey to your inner self, allowing you to learn more about yourself.

Tantra Massage Has A Number Of Advantages.

  • Aids in the removal of complexes
  • Allows for self-acceptance,
  • Teaches them how to communicate their thoughts and feelings
  • Internal energy is released, and you become more aware of your own requirements.
  • Is a method of discovering your own sexuality and wants,
  • Brings balance to all aspects of life,
  • Strengthens partner connections, including intimate ones
  • The body is fully relaxed and tension is released.
  • Promotes happiness and liveliness
  • Enhances sensitivity,
  • Boosts self-confidence and beauty
  • Revitalises the body
  • Enhances one’s sense of connection to the world around them,
  • Enhances your sense of belonging in your own space,
  • Aids in the healing of ties with family and friends,
  • Aids in decision-making
  • Unpleasant experiences are healed,
  • Released from harmful and ingrained patterns
  • In love opens up to life

Tantra Massages There Are Several Types Of Tantra Massages

Lingam Tantra

The lingam is an ancient massage that has its roots in the tantric tradition. It’s for males who wish to become more conscious of their bodies. The ceremony takes place according to a set of rules, under the specified ritual conditions. There are candles and soothing music playing during the massage. Tantric massage with a focus on individual requirements and the lingam zone ensures a profoundly spiritual and physiological experience. It frees people and allows them to have a better understanding of themselves, their bodies, and the tantric spheres.

Joni Tantra

The massage is inspired by tantric tradition and the Taoist idea of sexual energy. Relaxation of the entire body and Joni zone using highly sensual massage techniques, wonderful calming music, and candles. Joni’s temple ritual massage can help a woman reclaim her joy and fullness of life, as well as unlock emotions and heal her body.

The massage is designed to clear trapped energy and introduce our Joni to a new world of undiscovered delights that you have never experienced before. The massage has a therapeutic effect. It gives the body new energy and improves one’s emotional state. It’s just waiting for you to connect with your own body and realise how holy it is. The massage is given with varying intensity depending on the woman’s needs and preparedness.