Tantric massage is about finding inner peace and relaxation, whether with a partner or by yourself. It encompasses not only physical but also spiritual and emotional training.

According to Cosmo experts, the benefits of tantric sex include increased sexual stamina, pain alleviation, and better sleep.

Instructions For Using Tantric Sex

The first step

Make sure you’re in the appropriate frame of mind. Make sure you give yourself enough time to thoroughly enjoy the experience. Turn off your phones, and make sure your neighbours don’t get in the way or distract you. You won’t have to rush anywhere because there are no appointments, movie tickets, or phone calls to make. Haste is the most effective way to kill sex.

The second step

Get into the mood. The environment in which you are massaged is just as important as the massage itself. Take into account the temperature of the air, your appearance, the sound, and the internal surroundings. Candles with scented scents are ideal for creating a seductive ambiance.

The third step

Pay attention to your massage therapist or companion. Attempt to capture his attention while synchronising your breathing. You have to be on the same page as me.

The fourth step

The massage itself was excellent. Make your spouse lie down on his or her stomach. In your palms, warm the oil. Massage vigorously towards the extremities, starting in the middle of your back. Consider how the flow of energy circulates throughout the body. Don’t let go of the parts of the body that aren’t frequently massaged: the pads of the toes, the spaces between the fingers, and the backs of the hands. Stretch your body front and back for at least 30 minutes.

The fifth step 

Start rubbing your partner’s erogenous zones, such as the chest and inner thighs, but stay away from the genital area for the time being. If you want to massage a female, lightly rub her chest, you may even attach a feather or a soft cloth, but don’t squeeze or worry about it. Alternate between different touch styles to see what works best. It’s pointless to grab your clitoris or penis immediately away in tantric massage; it’s all about delay and prolongation.

The sixth step

Place one hand on your partner’s heart and the other on their genitals with the oil, mentally connecting their energy flow. Start massaging the perineal area (between the anus and the vaginal opening / under the testicles) with your fingertips, gently and very slowly.

When you think your partner is ready, trace around the clitoris / glans softly, paying attention to how their body reacts. You can even give him an inside massage if he requests it. After it’s over, take some time to recognise and experience your feelings, then share them with your partner and pay attention to their response.

And keep in mind that while orgasm is fantastic, it is not the goal of tantric massage, but rather a pleasant side effect. The management of sexual release and the extension of the intimate experience are far more significant.