Tantric massage is frequently defined as a centuries-old calming and, more crucially, related to human sexual energy treatment. And, despite the fact that sexual energy is extremely important to him, this massage technique was not established until the twentieth century.

What Is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage conjures up images of tantric sex. To some extent, this is correct. The Sanskrit word “tantra” means “consciousness-stretching instrument,” and both sex and tantric massage are intended to expand this awareness so that the two partners or the masseur and his client become one. The masseur boosts the energy of the massage recipient, and the partners exchange their energies. However, there is a significant distinction between massage and sex: one is not the same as the other. An individual who signs up for a tantric massage should not expect sexual services.

Climax may or may not occur during tantric massage. It all comes down to releasing sexual energy. We frequently suppress it, which has a bad impact on our mental health. Tantric massage also aims to “reconcile” the person receiving it with the idea that he or she is a sexual being with nothing wrong with that. All of these things are good: lust, sex, and nudity. Everybody is, not only those who are deemed “attractive” culturally.

The treatment is performed from head to toe, with the rear side of the body being massaged first, followed by the front side. The result of the massage is less significant than the technique itself, but the people who do it utilise rubbing, rubbing, stroking, and stroking. It is possible to have a milder or more sensuous treatment. The masseur should not rush throughout his or her performance; instead, moderate but effective movements are encouraged.

It’s important to remember that the masseur makes no comments or judgments on the person receiving the message; after all, it’s all about accepting your body as it is. There’s also no need to feel embarrassed if a person has sexual pleasure throughout the treatment and has an orgasm.

How Much Does A Tantric Massage Cost?

The cost of a tantric massage varies. They are influenced by factors such as the size of the city where the surgery is conducted and the clinic’s reputation. Aside from the basic massage, it also offers a variety of exclusive versions, as well as tantric massage for couples. These types of treatments are not inexpensive; in Warsaw and Krakow, we can expect to pay at least PLN 220 per hour of massage, PLN 300 for a 2-hour treatment in Bydgoszcz, PLN 210 in Wroclaw, and PLN 200 in Pozna.

Where Can You Use Tantric Massage?

Although tantric massage is not widely practised, it is easy to find a salon that offers it in each of Poland’s major cities. The Anahata Tantra Temple, for example, is located in Warsaw, as is the Dewi Massage Studio, which also has locations in Gdynia and Krakow. Residents of Wroclaw can visit Tantra Room Massage Salon and Mandala Salon, Eden Massage Salon in Pozna, and KAHI Studio in Bydgoszcz.

Previously deciding on a specific location, find out what others have to say about it, talk to those who have had this type of massage before, and ask the masseur for a consultation before the treatment.